Port Hills All Tarmac Rally News

The Christchurch Port Hills All Tarmac Rally on Saturday 24th February 2018 will mark the beginning of the tarmac rally season in the South Island.

This will be the only sealed rally in the South Island next year and with about 66km of racing spread over several special stages utilising the same piece of road but in different directions it boasts a compact format, relaxed timing and close proximity to Christchurch and adjacent to the Rally Headquarters at Wheatsheaf Tavern.

As the two stage roads will be run several times, drivers will be able to compare times with previous runs and have the opportunity to make improvements.

The start, servicing and finish are at the same location making this a very easy rally to compete in and not involving service crews driving from point to point.

Rallysafe will be utilised for timing and live updates on Chrissport should be available.